Pirkei Avot
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Love work;
Hate domination;
And do not become familiar with the authorities.

Discussion Guide [1:10].
Modern life offers us greater opportunity to find work that we can love, but it is also brutally competitive.
Do you find your daily effort in school or work (in or outside the Home) fulfilling?
How do you think we can balance the need to be competitive and crafting a work life that we can look forward to each day?
Do you observe a nonworking day, Shabbat? Can it be the peak of your week? How?

We in America tend to equate fairness with equality, yet most of our relationships are unequal—student-teacher, boss and subordinate, parent and child. Friendship and the ideal of modern marriage are exceptions in being equal relationships. Given that we are constantly in unequal relationships, being fair and just in these unequal relationship is the only way we can avoid the improperly domineering, or improperly submissive stance that Shemiaih says we should reject.
How can we be fair in unequal relationships?
For example how is a teacher unfair or fair to a student? A student to a teacher?
What do you do to insure that you treat those subordinate to you in a way that is just and kind?
What do you do to see that you are treated with fairness and respect by those superior to you in your unequal relationships?

Many, if not most, governments today in the world are as fickle and dangerous as the Roman overseers of Judea. But in democratic societies we have the opportunity, and indeed the responsibility to influence our government for the better.
When do you think we should become involved in political issues?