Pirkei Avot
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Make your Torah a set priority;
Say little, and do much;
And receive every person
with a pleasant face.

Discussion Guide [1:15].
The ethical element in relationships has been largely neglected by modern psychology. Relationship are founded on mutual advantage, sustained by justice and made glorious by love. The neglected element today is justice.
Can you think of relationships in which one side was unfairly treated?
What was the affect on the relationship?
What steps can you take, if any, to make your important relationships fair?

What do you think are the some of the important implicit or explicit promises underlying your important relationships?
Are there any areas in which you or the other person is promising too much, or delivering too little?

Take the example of a recent interaction—yours or another person’s—in which there was some conflict.
Did the person raising the issues start off in an agreeable or a harsh way?
What was the consequence?
How could your rewrite the scenario?