Pirkei Avot
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Choose yourself a mentor;
Remove yourself from the doubtful;
And do not tithe in excess by estimation.
-Rabban Gamliel.

Discussion Guide [1:16].
The question of how we live with doubt and deal with doubt is a central issue in religion generally. American philosopher William James pointed out that we have to make many decisions in life involving our values where both the basis of our values and the outcome of the decision are surrounded with uncertainty. He believed that here is where the necessity of faith and the relevance of religion come in. For James, doubt is evidently a natural partner of religion.

For some of the orthodox in Judaism and in other religions, doubt is the enemy of the religious life, and the solution is to insist every iota of religious tradition is infallible.

How to you deal with religious doubts?

What elements of faith are necessary to make religious belief an important part of life?

Do you think that insisting on the infallibility of religious texts is valuable or harmful?