Pirkei Avot
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The world is sustained by three things:
By justice, by truth, and by peace.
—Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel

Discussion Guide [1:18].
Can you give some examples where goverments around the world have attempted to supress truth? What have been the results?

How would you distinguish those distortions of the truth which will properly promote harmony within the family from those which are damaging to relationships?
Is there a rule or guideline for distinguishing the two?

In relationships, communication usually has broken down by the time the parties go to court. Contemporary thinkers such as Roger Fisher, have recently made important contributions to the art of conflict resulution through negotiation and third-party mediation.
What attitudes do you think lead to break down in negotiations, or helps negotiations succeed?
Do you think our legal system does enough to encourage a mediated settlement, rather than a court decision?
Have you ever acted as a mediator or witnessed mediation?

In your experience in a family, when do you think discussions about the fair resolution of a dispute have the best chance of succeeding?


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