Pirkei Avot
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Choose yourself a mentor;
Acquire yourself a friend;
And make it your habit to judge every person favorably.
—Yehoshua ben Perachia

Discussion Guide [1:6].
The relationship between a mentor and student is often an extremely rewarding one for both sides. But it is also a fragile relationship, sometimes shattering into quarrel and recrimination. So, too, the relationship between fellow students. Perhaps for this reason Yehoshua ben Perachia included the admonition to judge favorably.
What do you think makes for a good relationship between mentor and student?
What is your experience of mentor-student relationships which succeeded and which failed?

A habit of looking for fault has an influence on others, just an an attitude of looking for the best in a person. Those you know who habitually find fault with others, how do people react to them?
If you know anyone who has a habit of seeing the best in others, how do people react to him or her?
Under what circumstances should you carefully evaluate a person’s character, not relying only on first impression or past experience?