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The mission of Mentsh.com is help you build and sustain a fulfilling life through guidelines that are a life-enhancing synthesis of ancient Jewish wisdom and modern psychology.

• You will have the opportunity to learn about the guidelines in depth, discuss them, and put them into practice.

• The site's "Learn" track will have a weekly topic with relevant sayings from the Sages and a commentary based on Pirke Avot.

• The site's "Live" track will start with a brief scenario relevant to the topic of the week and typical of a life challenge today, and then provide guidelines for meeting the challenge successfully.

The site will be a gratifying learning-and-doing experience for both adults and older teens. It will also be a forum for lively debate on how best to adapt the Sages’ guidelines to modern life—with input from Jewish scholars and psychologists.

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Pirkei Avot

This guide explains the Jewish sages' views on the good life—and their rival's views. Like the workshops, the guide offers a unique synthesis of timeless Jewish values and the insights of modern psychology.

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The border to this site is adapted from a Ketubba from Sabbioneta, Italy, 1833.
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