Pirkei Avot
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1. What is a Mentsh? Introducing Jewish ethics, grades 7 +


Bar Mitzvah boy learns meaning of being a 'mentsh'

Interview with '#1 Mentsh of the USA', Aaron Feuerstein

The Jewish Moral Compass (used in all workshops)
2. Shalom Bayit: The Teen-Parent relationship, grade 8 +


The Separation Waltz: Teen-Parent Relationships

The 'Shalom Bayit' discussion to resolve conflicts

'Shalom Bayit' discussion 'before': the wrong way
3. Passionate Decisions: Love, Sex and Marriage, grade 9 +

'Yenta' contrasts traditional, modern relationships

The Jewish Ideal for Loving Relationships

Skills for self control: 'before', the wrong way

Marriage as a partnership
4. Making Peace with Your Future: Career and Stress, 10+

Pyramid of Self-Approval

Comparing Jewish, other values on Career

Skill of 'Making Peace with Your Future'
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